(last update Thurs 20th December)

Well, it appears we've won! After packing out the
District Assembly in a show of strength and amongst bizarre scenes, the elected officials voted to defeat the plan to introduce parking on our Green. More details to follow in the blog posts.
Thank you for visiting our blog. We are campaigning to protect a small village green (Temperance Green) from being tarmaced over to provide more parking spaces.

You can watch our video and then vote (vote now closed) and contribute to the blogposts shown below (The most recent are at the top, or you can navigate with the links, also on your right, below the vote).

Why are we objecting?

This delightful green is a vital asset to our village and should remain as an open piece of land for the enjoyment of all.
- It is a well used, safe, informal play space for young kids, benefiting from being overlooked by adjacent houses
- It is an important element in creating the attractive character of this corner of our village
- It contains a variety of trees, some of which were planted as memorials to past residents and neighbours
- It forms part of the rural village setting to adjacent listed buildings
- It’s purpose has always been to provide an informal area of open green space for residents and visitors.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Great Support on Sunday

The damp Sunday air didn't spoil the turnout for the press photographs this afternoon. Over 20 local residents left the warmth of their houses to express their support, in a fantastic show of community spirit.

The 2nd photo shows Joyce showing her support. She probably won't thank me for saying this, but Joyce has lived on Temperance Street for 69 years!


Children of Lewin said...

We'd like to support your campaign, and will report on it on our blog as a way to raise awareness. I hope you'll agree we have a lot in common.

Anonymous said...

We support your campaign. It seems crazy to tear up trees and valuable green space for the sake of cars, particularly when Tameside Council should be encouraging the use of public transport. Perhaps it's time to consider getting Broadbottom designated as a Conservation Area. Yes, it would be more expensive to replace doors and windows, in wood, but it would also be more difficult for the Council to destroy green space.

Children of Lewin said...

Have a look at the letters page in this week's Glossop Chronicle - there's a letter in there from a chap who wants to help others set about obtaining 'village green' status for plots of land. If successful, it's not possible to develop on them.

If you don't have the details, I will forward them to you by email. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

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